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I'm lost.



I don't know is it me or others have the same problem i have?! It's kind of hard to post journals here at dA while posting status daily at fb. Maybe it's because more people willing to read them on fb. Maybe it's easier to update on fb than here?
Whatever, I'm having my Cuban Romeo y Juliet cigar side of my mouth and my laptop on my lap, Tv is on and there's one of Spartacus episodes on with lots of pointless sex scenes which totally changed my mental image of that freedom fighter!!
I think my submission to Cypriot university is approved and I'm going to be in Nicosia in about two months from now. I was reading about Cyprus night life and cost of living i figured they drive on the opposite side, it's english system. I was unspeakably let down by that!
I thank i'm going to crash in first week. I was planning to get a bike. So much for that! huh?!
Aside that matter i think i'll be having great time there, at least for four awesome years, that's the best part that i'll away from home and friends for a long time and see how i'll do on my own.
Of course not much of living here to keep me tight maybe there i'll meet someone, maybe... .
Right now i'm thinking about how and where should i get a place to crash. It's expensive out there and i think i willing to pay, pay it out!
There was a link sent to me by friends on Rihanna's sextape? Does anyone know anything about it? I mean She too?

What do you think about Adam and Eve? Where they lovers? I mean there was nobody else to choose so isn't it could be a possibility that had no choice?


Anxiety defies needs of luxury
An Ideologist who spent his life searching for "The REASON". Romanticist who priors his senses whilst defis Sentimentalism.

My studies start from Management to Political Science and i think i should have took the tale of this road from the beginning, it was a waste of time wandering in classes which i had no idea why i was sitting! ..(The Reason)

As for what i have done i can recall an uprising during high school against the principal which was triggered by me and hell sure successful!

My revolutionary and partly leftist ideas are well known for the ones who call them selves friends to me But i am not SURE about any of it... actually not so sure about anything.

I LOVE the change, i live for change.

My Quote from first year in Uni:
If you take Reality as for a fact then it's must be stable, thus reality deals in dimension of TIME ,so it will be subdued by Events during TIME, Time pasts so Events, Time Changes so the moment which you took for THE BASE of Reality is wiped out, don't panic it was an Illusion not Reality!


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